Blogs Label: Stories from the field

Critical/casual conversations: lessons from outside the meeting room in Dawei, Myanmar

Stories from the field Author: Pakamas Thinphanga

Since joining the Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia (UCRSEA) team, one of my favorite parts of the job has been the opportunity to travel within the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) and meet with urban climate resilience practitioners from many countries who are also interested in understanding urbanization and climate change. In October 2016, I got to join a group of over 15 UCRSEA partnership members in the inaugural Collaborative City Exchange trips to Dawei, Myanmar.

With a touch of paint, India's women slum dwellers battle extreme heat

Stories from the field Author: Rina Chandran

As summer heat becomes unbearable, simple measures can help people cope better. Meenaben used to dread the onset of summer every year. Her small two-room home in a slum in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad would get so hot that she could not sit indoors for several hours in the day, even with a ceiling fan running. Two months ago, however, she agreed to try an experiment: A non-profit organisation that works in the Ramesh Dutt Colony where she lives, on the outskirts of the city, painted her tin roof with white reflective paint, to try to reduce the heat.

Evidence and urban resilience in Thailand

Stories from the field Author: Pakamas Thinphanga

Over the last 25 years, Thailand has industrialised and successfully achieved the status of Newly Industrialised Country. While urbanisation is dominated by Bangkok, which accounts for nearly 80% of the country’s total urban area, urban centres in secondary cities are growing at a much faster rate. Issues of drastic land use change, inadequate urban systems and critical infrastructure, pollution and contamination, and inequality and poverty are manifested much of Thailand. The interaction of urbanisation and climate change create new forms and magnitudes of risks and compound vulnerabilities. Urban governments and communities must deal with increasingly complex challenges in response to shocks and crises.

Stories from seven years of pioneering climate change resilience building in Vietnam

Stories from the field Author: Thanh Thanh, Anh Tho Nguyen

It is becoming more and more obvious to urban dwellers in Vietnam, especially during the last ten years, that they are facing ever-increasing risks from the impacts of climate change. Vulnerability to climate change is not merely a matter of numbers and figures in the World Bank’s reports, but can be felt acutely in many cases by local Vietnamese people, such as in the devastation caused by intensified and out-of-season floods, droughts, and storms on people’s lives and livelihoods.

Intercropping, a climate change adaptation initiative in the Philippines

Stories from the field Author: Naeema Jihan Zinia, Nyoman Prayoga

The City Veterinary and Agricultural Services (OCVAS) of Batangas City in collaboration with the East West Seed Co. have introduced intercropping method in the Pinamucan area of Batangas. This multiple cropping practice involves growing two or more crops in close proximity. Farmers can assess crop suitability through this practice. Irrigation is a challenge for farming in Pinamucan because of its geographic location and hilly terrain. Intercropping enables farmers to choose and cultivate crops that can give higher yields, allowing them to adapt to the local climatic conditions and increase their incomes.