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3:54 - 5 views - February, 2017
For Shahnawaz Whara, Specialist-Urban Disaster Risk Reduction at Plan International Bangladesh, the communities' role is important to the city because they are the biggest driving factor which is actually running a city. He also emphasises that youth must be involved in...
19:9 - 100 views - February, 2017
The video showcases the project of peri-urban lake restoration in Indore that is implemented by TARU under the ACCCRN programme. The project has been able to achieve such success due to the strategy of ensuring multiple stakeholders were engaged through the course of the...
2:13 - 14 views - January, 2017
As part of the collaboration between the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Diponegoro University and ACCCRN, the Planning Studio activity this year, have developed the concept of resilience. This short video tells what the students do to plan a region with...
4:36 - 97 views - January, 2017
Purnomo is the deputy director of the city’s Development and Planning Board, which makes him responsible for infrastructure development, environmental planning and climate change adaptation in Semarang. In this video, he shared his view on how city like Semarang can be...
5:16 - 48 views - December, 2016
Find out how ACCCRN champion, Dr Thongchai Roachanakanan, has shaped urban planning in Thailand. Dr. Thongchai works for Thailand’s Ministry of Interior as director of the Department of Public Works, Town & Country Planning.
4:20 - 10 views - November, 2016
When he was asked what inclusive city resilience means to him, he said it was a difficult question. He is very concerned that all people should be involved and they can access all information to create a resilient city. 
1:7 - 31 views - November, 2016
ACCCRN has been participating in International Conference on Regional Development in Semarang, 9-11 November 2016. ACCCRN also had its members that won the paper writing competition presenting their research in India and Vietnam, where they already had the chance to share...
18:35 - 27 views - November, 2016
Material wealth alone don't make human societies resilient to devastating disasters.  This documentary explores the power of faith, culture and spirituality as an essential capital of disaster resilience by narrating living examples from Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)...
3:10 - 618 views - October, 2016
Indian cities are increasingly witnessing the impact of Climate Change. It is apparent that extreme events such as droughts and cyclones will become more frequent. In this scenario, what can cities do to build resilience to climate change impacts.
7:9 - 36 views - October, 2016
From hair care ads to climate resilience research at Overseas Development Institute. Learn how champion Aditya Bahadur helped ACCCRN engage communities in Gorakhpur.