Blogs Label: ACCCRN Champion

Tallulah: architecture should have social responsibility

ACCCRN Champion Author: Nyoman Prayoga

Tallulah D’Silva was born and raised in Panjim, Goa, India, but spent memorable holidays in her parents’ villages of Mashem-Canacona and Velim. As a child, she spent most of her time outdoors.

“My home was very near fields, mangroves, khazaans (unique manmade network of dykes and sluice gates where salt, fish and rice are harvested), and the beach, so they were like my backyard. I realize then how much it would influence me in my adult life!” said Tallulah remembering her childhood.

Chi: Strengthening climate resilience through spatial planning

ACCCRN Champion Author: Anu Jogesh

There’s a phrase in Vietnamese that Dr Vu Kim Chi likes to use “Đi một ngày đàng, học một sàng khôn” or “Travelling shapes a young man.” The proverb was originally intended for men, but that didn’t stop Chi from embracing its implication. Hailing from a family of cartographers, she grew up around maps, and dreamed of travelling.

Pakamas: The need for water, why cities must respect the natural world

ACCCRN Champion Author: Anu Jogesh

Pakamas Thinphanga is happiest near the ocean. Or, more precisely, she is happiest in the ocean. Her love of diving in Thailand’s crystal blue waters brought her close to some of the most spectacular coral reef ecosystems anywhere in the world. It also made her realize how fragile such systems are, and introduced her to the complex interrelationships between humans and the natural world.

Phong Tran: Building storm resistant homes is not enough

ACCCRN Champion Author: Anu Jogesh

Phong realized that a technological approach would be insufficient unless it was accompanied by community engagement. From that point forward he decided to focus his efforts on combining his technical engineering knowledge with social understanding. Phong got formally involved with ACCCRN through ISET and had the opportunity to apply his skills in practice.

Alexandra, between European and Asian cities

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

How can we make our cities more resilient to shocks and stresses? How can we make them more liveable and more accessible? And how can we make them work for the poor and marginalised as well as those who are better off? These are the questions that Alexandra Vogl has been working to find answers to throughout her career. Her work has taken her from urban planning in cities in Eastern Europe, to climate change resilience building in Asia’s burgeoning mega-cities.