Training Information

Raising Awareness on River Basin Management through Field School

Stories from the field Author: Dwirahmi Suryandari, Farraz Theda

It was only 8 am in the morning when the crowd gathered at the village hall of Kalisidi Sub-district. That day, people were gathering to attend the field school that had been conducted for three weekends in a row in Garang river basin, and today was the last one. The field school project, which started in August, was initiated by Mercy Corps Indonesia through a program called TRANSFORM which stands for trans-boundary flood risk management through governance and innovative information technology.

Communicating Resilience: Engage People to Participate in UCCR Discussion

“How to engage people to pay attention to information and discussion related to Urban Climate Change Resilience (UCCR)?”

“Who are ‘this people’ we want to engage?”

Find out the answers of those questions in this webinar video conducted by ACCCRN Network and Acclimatise. The webinar presented by Will Bugler from Acclimatise.