ACCCRN Learning Forum

Thoughts on UCCR and Infrastructure Financing and Cities Following the ACCCRN Learning Forum

Takeaways Author: Nicholas Taylor

During the recent ACCCRN Learning Forum held in the city of Semarang, Indonesia the challenges of generating, initiating, researching, building, growing, and communicating urban climate change resilience (UCCR) were brought into keen focus. The million dollar questions on everybody’s lips at the end of the forum was: so, where do we go from here? And, how do we get there? 

Eight Years ACCCRN Initiatives Across Asia

ACCCRN has forged partnerships, collaboration and connections amongst organisations and individuals in over 50 cities in Asia for over 8 years. We share success stories and lesson learned from the individuals and the cities. From today and the future, ACCCRN builds climate change resilience in the cities.

Dr. Shiraz Wajih: What 'inclusive resilience' looks like in Gorakhpur

Dr Shiraz Wajih is the President of the Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG). His work on resilience building in the north Indian city of Gorakhpur is a model for community resilience building. At the ACCCRN learning event in Semarang, we caught up with Shiraz to ask what 'inclusive resilience' looks like in Gorakhpur.

Sachin Bhoite: City Resilience Index

Sachin Bhoite, Senior Consultant with Arup International Development, speaks to about the newly launched City Resilience Index. A framework to help urban decision makers quantify urban resilience and plan for inclusive resilient transformation.

Ratri Sutarto: Knowledge and Learning

Hear ACCCRN Network Director Ratri Sutarto's thoughts on the final day of the ACCCRN learning event in Semarang Indonesia. As the 8 year ACCCRN programme draws to a close we asked what she has been doing to ensure that the knowledge and the learning from the programme lives on.