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The ACCCRN blog winners were sharing experiences at Urban Agriculture Workshop in Chiang Rai

Takeaways Author: Porpla Khuan-arch

From 3rd to 5th August 2016, Hari Krishna Nibanupudi, the winner of the 2016 ACCCRN Blog Competition, and Srishti Singh, the People’s Choice Winner, visited Chiang Rai, Thailand, to attend the workshop on Building Urban Agriculture Collaboration between Chiang Rai and Hat Yai.

The one and a half day workshop included presentations from related agencies in cities of Chiang Rai and Hat Yai, such as the Chiang Rai Agricultural Extension Agency, Chiang Rai Municipality, Songkhal Community Foundation and the Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Agency.

Are we including our human carbon credits?

Opinion Author: Rozita Singh

Several studies have, time and again, pointed out that roughly 50% of the municipal waste generated in developing countries is organic in nature!

In the absence of segregation of waste, it is often dumped in open dumpyards and scientifically unsound landfills which give rise to serious environmental concerns. Methane released from the mixed waste dumped at landfill sites and open dumpyards is one of the causes of global warming.

The situation is no different in India.

How to build resilience and reduce losses and damages in the cities

Opinion Author: Nimish Jha

India has been ranked third among the top five most disaster-hit countries in 2015. With this year also recorded as the hottest year on record, according to a study by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

Fast growing cities are most often located in contexts that are specifically exposed to the threats and are vulnerable to impacts of climate change.

Eight Years ACCCRN Initiatives Across Asia

ACCCRN has forged partnerships, collaboration and connections amongst organisations and individuals in over 50 cities in Asia for over 8 years. We share success stories and lesson learned from the individuals and the cities. From today and the future, ACCCRN builds climate change resilience in the cities.

Bangkok: Like a big oven

Opinion Author: Porpla Khuan-arch

Thailand faced very high temperatures this last April. It is well known that the major factor behind this hot weather is the sun being directly overhead during the April- May period.

Bangkok is a city that experiences problems during hot weather spells such as these. Besides the seasonal and geographical factors, the phenomenon of "Urban Heat Island" is another factor that makes Bangkok extremely hot.