The Long Road to Equality for the Women Fishers of Demak, Indonesia

Stories from the field Author: Nuswantoro

Since June 2017, a group of women fishers in Central Java had gone back and forth to the village administration office. They have been fighting for their right to be acknowledged as being fishers. Then they will be able to get insurance that covers any accident resulting from fishery activities, provided by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs Indonesia.

UNDP-Green Climate Fund Project to Benefit Coastal Communities Vulnerable to Climate Impacts in Viet Nam

Stories from the field Author: Phan Huong Giang

Implementation of Viet Nam’s first project funded by the Green Climate Fund took a step forward today as the Inception Workshop for the “Improving resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change-related impacts in Viet Nam” project was successfully completed.

Climate change resilience through mangroves, a Mumbai case study

Our cities are expanding in all directions, urbanising at a fast pace, at the cost of environmental degradation, giving way to climate change. The climate change impacts are multi dimensional , the major physical impact will be from the temperature increase and sea level rise. It is predicted that around 40 million people will be affected in India by 2050. The coastal cities will be most affected, especially when there is vast income disparities. Mumbai City is one of the most vulnerable city to sea level rise. Mangroves are the key climate change resilience component for coastal cities.

Losing ground: climate vulnerability of cities in India

India has 130 towns and cities in 84 coastal districts. Climate science is increasingly warning us about the likely impacts of sea-level rise and cyclones on these cities. But are we paying heed? ‘Losing Ground’ maps out the climate vulnerability of two coastal cities in India - Panaji and Visakhapatnam, and builds a case for all coastal cities to start climate proofing their infrastructure and services without losing any more time.