Alexandra, between European and Asian cities

Author: Will Bugler

How can we make our cities more resilient to shocks and stresses? How can we make them more liveable and more accessible? And how can we make them work for the poor and marginalised as well as those who are better off? These are the questions that Alexandra Vogl has been working to find answers to throughout her career. Her work has taken her from urban planning in cities in Eastern Europe, to climate change resilience building in Asia’s burgeoning mega-cities.


When all community members find themselves in a vulnerable situation, persons with disabilities may face even greater challenges

Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Hoa Nguyen


Nguyen Thi Phuc Hoa is an expert with an extensive background in working in the field of disaster risk reduction and climate change. She’s involved in many activities with various roles in project implementation, training courses, and capacity building, especially for community-based disaster risk management. ACCCRN talked to her on her thoughts about the disabled community’s role in disaster risk reduction.