Mumbai Promise (from ADB's #AreWeThereYet video competition)

The video conveys the existing issues with regards to transportation and tries to convey how with the right approach sustainability can be attributed to it. It takes the case of Mumbai, one of the largest metropolises in the world. Although traffic, noise and air pollution, heavily contested space, stark inequality in the living condition, unaffordability, are issues that nag cities in the developing world, and Mumbai too; there are characteristics to the city that represent a promising scene when one talks about safe and sustainable transpiration.

Tallulah D'Silva: Shape China 2015: Future of mobility

What does mobility mean to you? How do you see the future of mobility? This is Tallulah D'Silva sharing her vision with Ford at Shape China 2015.

Full profile about her on what her working on, please go to this link.

As climate change threatens transport, Indonesia needs to plan ahead

Opinion Author: Ratna Kusumaningrum

Climate change’s impact on transport can be felt in many respects, from infrastructure itself to less-tangible aspects such as public transportation management and logistics. Flooding and heavy rain will affect roads, and when roads decline, getting people and products where they need to be takes more time, and could make market prices rise.