Promoting a cool roof and passive ventilation concepts for indoor temperature comfort in India

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ASIA: India
Mamta Chouhan, with her infant daughter, on the recently upgraded roof of her house, which was designed to reduce the temperature of her home. (Photo credit: Gitika Sansena for Robin Wyatt Vision)

Cool roofing is one such technology that is becoming popular in developed countries. India had a tradition of whitewashing/ white tiled flooring of the roofs and walls, especially in desert regions. A variety of cost effective options are available in the market ranging from simple lime wash with adhesives to polyurethane based insulation materials. This low tech options combined with the improved ventilation can improve indoor comfort for all sections of the society.

This cool roof technology was demonstrated under the Cool Roof and Passive Ventilation project, implemented by TARU Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd.This project has been supported by The Rockefeller Foundation under the ACCCRN programme (Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network). Please take a look at this video playlist showing a series of techniques of cool roofing.

CIS Roofing System

Cellulose Fibre

Hollow Clay Tiles

Green Net Shading Screen

Cool Roof Paint

XPS Sheet

White Wash

Bamboo Shading Screen

China Mosaic

Inverted Earthen Pots

Surkhi Concrete

Thermatek Tiles