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At the end of the day of the second day of ACCCRN Learning Forum, Luca Allinovi from the Global Resilience Partnership and Jim Jarvie highlighted key findings.

Jim captured key highlights including the need for a top-down approach and government buy-ins in order to change policy. He pinpointed that building resilience is not a win-win solution but it is a win-lose solution. He also shared that an explicitly pro-poor approach was necessary to complementing community-based solutions.

Luca went on to encourage participants to think about the fundamental shifts needed for improving the adoption of urban resilience measures, based on the work of ACCCRN. He encouraged participants to continue to build on the critical mass of resilience thinking, despite misgivings shared by some in the room about the overuse of the term. His second key insight involved suggestions for bringing projects from the local to the global, in particular through the involvement of partners who can catalyze upscaling from the very start of new projects. He stressed in this point the need to avoid losing the local context even as measures are taken to go to scale. He concluded by arguing for a sea change within financial institutions and the way in which they deal with resilience projects. He argued that the inherent linearity of log-frames commonly used in development banks, as well as their risk averse nature means that systemic, multi-sector resilience strategies are challenging to fund. He concluded, “we need to fit the system around the problem, not the other way around”.

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