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We want more people to be aware of the issues of biodiversity because it's our common responsibility

Member Interview Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Ahmad Baihaqi


Ahmad Baihaqi is a young role model to many of his peers. Abay, as people usually call him, is very active with the Biodiversity Warriors community from Kehati Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Abay is very passionate about promoting the importance of biodiversity, especially in Jakarta, an urban area. He admitted that it is not easy since biodiversity is not a popular topic and many young people have many other interests. This July, ACCCRN interviewed him about his role and activity in the Biodiversity Warriors community.

Why do we need innovation in climate change adaptation?

Member Interview Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Haseeb Irfanullah


Haseeb is currently working for IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as the Programme Coordinator of Bangladesh Country Office in Dhaka. Recently, he wrote a chapter for a book entitled Climate Change in the Bay of Bengal Region: Exploring Sectoral Cooperation for Sustainable Development. In the Bangladesh Chapter, Haseeb wrote ‘What Does Bangladesh Tell Us about Innovation in Climate Change Adaptation’. This June, ACCCRN interviewed him on the topic of innovation in climate change adaptation.

Tallulah: architecture should have social responsibility

ACCCRN Champion Author: Nyoman Prayoga

Tallulah D’Silva was born and raised in Panjim, Goa, India, but spent memorable holidays in her parents’ villages of Mashem-Canacona and Velim. As a child, she spent most of her time outdoors.

“My home was very near fields, mangroves, khazaans (unique manmade network of dykes and sluice gates where salt, fish and rice are harvested), and the beach, so they were like my backyard. I realize then how much it would influence me in my adult life!” said Tallulah remembering her childhood.

Intercropping, a climate change adaptation initiative in the Philippines

Stories from the field Author: Naeema Jihan Zinia, Nyoman Prayoga

The City Veterinary and Agricultural Services (OCVAS) of Batangas City in collaboration with the East West Seed Co. have introduced intercropping method in the Pinamucan area of Batangas. This multiple cropping practice involves growing two or more crops in close proximity. Farmers can assess crop suitability through this practice. Irrigation is a challenge for farming in Pinamucan because of its geographic location and hilly terrain. Intercropping enables farmers to choose and cultivate crops that can give higher yields, allowing them to adapt to the local climatic conditions and increase their incomes.

Bring people to put more value into nature is a challenge of modern world

Opinion Author: Nyoman Prayoga

The World Environment Day is a vehicle used by the United Nations to promote worldwide awareness of the environment. Each year, the World Environment Day (WED) is organized around a theme on an environmental issue. In 2017, the theme is ‘Connecting People to Nature’. Its goal is to invite the audience to think about its interdependence with nature.