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20/20 Hindsights to brainstorm and articulate new solutions

The 20/20 Hindsights session brought groups together to brainstorm and articulate new solutions in relation to six specific UCCR challenges. Participants were able to pick two themes to participate in.

Mercy Corps Indonesia together with Semarang City Government engage the community to build health resilience towards dengue fever under the impact of climate change

Stories from the field Author: Nyoman Prayoga

From 2013 till mid-2016, under the ACCCRN Program, Mercy Corps Indonesia has been working in partnership with Semarang City in implementing the ACTIVE Program (which stands for Actions Changing the Incidence of Vector-Borne Endemic Diseases). The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the health system capacity and the resilience of Semarang City in the face of DF which is being worsened by climate change.

Lesson learned from cities under ACCCRN Indonesia programme on water resilience

Stories from the field Author: Nyoman Prayoga

It is believed that the impact of climate change on water supply will be one of the greatest challenges for cities in this era. Water is indispensible in our lives. It is the ultimate common commodity. It is central to human development, and indeed, for urban life on many scales. However, urban water management can be a risky business. Mismanagement of this crucial necessity can threaten human activities, and even more so under climate change circumstances.

Crucial involvement of mass media to broaden public awareness of climate change in Asia

Opinion Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Kaitlin B. Harris

Mass media has the power to significantly influence various levels of practice, politics, and public opinion. Media outlets hold the power to shape the public’s perception, awareness, and the discourses and actions related to climate change.  This includes the important role of defining climate change, its negative impacts, and stimulating resilience responses in urban and rural areas alike.

Ngatijo: Commitment and sincere passion to create a better environment for the future

Stories from the field Author: Denia Syam, Nyoman Prayoga

Ngatijo finds school teaching an eye-opening opportunity to influence others to help the earth. Over three years he has dedicated himself to urban climate change initiatives. He created an environmental working group with his students in Bandar Lampung, so they can get practical experience in addressing climate change.