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Evidence, urbanisation and ecosystems services in Asia

Takeaways Author: Jim Jarvie

ACCCRN has commissioned a series of scoping studies supported by our collaborating partner, the Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation programme (ESPA). Taking in perspectives from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam, they give insights into how evidence is used (or not) in urban decision-making in the context of ecosystems hazards and degradation happening as cities expand into their broader surroundings.

Five ways to build inclusive cities

Opinion Author: Jim Jarvie, Richard Friend

This year, World Cities Day (October 31) focuses on “inclusive cities, shared development.” But with rapidly growing urbanization, how can cities ensure that all of their residents are thriving?

Striking with indiscriminate intensity, Hurricane Matthew blew through the Caribbean and the eastern United States in late September. The Category 4 storm plowed the U.S. Gulf Coast with winds as high as 170 kilometers per hour, heavy rainfall, and floods. After the storm, at least 1,000 people had been killed and more than $4 billion of damage was incurred.

Urban, Peri-Urban and Ecosystems Working Group

Author: Nivedita Mani, Jim Jarvie, Shiraz Wajih

We invite you to join our working group on Urban, Peri-urban, and Ecosystem. The outcome will be to list costed options for future activities and products that would effectively leverage evidence to influence decision-makers in Asia to write better policies.

Towards the New Urban Agenda: Where are “people” in delivering inclusive, safe, resilient cities?

Opinion Author: Jim Jarvie, Denia Syam

The challenge in addressing inclusion and social justice in cities across Asia will need to be faced via tools of persuasion, advocacy, and finding common ground with government, finance, and investment mechanisms that are too rarely engaged as equal. The Habitat III New Urban Agenda is an arena to be active in this process and all ACCCRN members are strongly encouraged to become involved.

Inclusive governance and urban resilience: Challenges at the nexus of urbanization and climate change

Opinion Author: Jim Jarvie

The developing world is urbanizing rapidly. However, this urban growth is leading to increased inequity and vulnerability, particularly for the marginalized poor. Climate change further compounds these problems.

Asia showcases these challenges and highlights warnings to be heeded elsewhere.