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The peri-urban space: Why it matters?

Takeaways Author: Nivedita Mani

Climate change impacts exacerbate this already precarious balance. Floods, rising temperatures, droughts, water scarcity - all these events adversely affect urban areas. The peri-urban space, therefore, becomes more valuable as it can provide a buffering capacity to the cities and also strengthen their resilience capacities.

Urban, Peri-Urban and Ecosystems Working Group

Author: Nivedita Mani, Jim Jarvie, Shiraz Wajih

We invite you to join our working group on Urban, Peri-urban, and Ecosystem. The outcome will be to list costed options for future activities and products that would effectively leverage evidence to influence decision-makers in Asia to write better policies.

Common Property Resource Management in Peri-Urban Villages of Gorakhpur

Stories from the field Author: Nivedita Mani, Ajay Singh, Shiraz Wajih

In Gorakhpur, India, common property resources (CPR) such as pastureland, water bodies, and orchards are victims of illegal encroachment by individuals, land developers or even disputed land conversion by government. Unplanned urban growth in peri-urban villages of Gorakhpur results from ignorance of laws governing CPR and weak enforcement of regulations by relevant government departments. City expansion in peri-urban villages exceeds environmental carrying capacity, and often ignores responsible stewardship of natural resources.