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Climate Change Week 2016: Leadership and innovation for a climate resilient Indonesia

Takeaways Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa, Will Bugler

This article shares some of the challenges that participants of Climate Change Week 2016 encountered during their work, and highlights the solutions that were identified to overcome them. Touching on the themes of ‘leadership’, ‘community innovation’ and ‘knowledge management’ it provides useful lessons for climate resilience practitioners in Indonesia and beyond.

Building better lives: Innovative sanitary products and services to help Penjaringan

Stories from the field Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa

For Sugiyanto and his family, water and sanitation are the luxury things they could have in their life. Sugiyanto lives with his family in a neighbourhood called Penjaringan, one of Jakarta’s largest slums in the north of the city. He lives in a 3x4 m2 house with his wife, daughter, and mother. The house does not belong to him; he rents it for IDR 300,000 per month. There is no access to water in houses of that size.

Visiting flood early warning system (FEWS) and dengue fever prevention programs

Stories from the field Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa

At the end of the day, the participants of ACCCRN Learning Forum joined the site visit to the Semarang ACCCRN Programs. One group went to visit the Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) project in Wonosari Sub-district. The other group went to the program called Actions Changing The Incidence Vector Borne Endemic Disease (ACTIVE) for dengue fever prevention.