After two weeks of deliberation by our esteemed judges, we’re delighted to announce the shortlist of stories that will be invited to a storytelling workshop in Jakarta, 28-29 November 2017.

The ACCCRN Storytelling Competition is seeking great stories on how an (inclusive) city deal with rising temperature and how the actions could impact everyone from writers and bloggers to those working on climate change in Asia and based in Asia.

The shortlisted stories were decided by Laurie Goering, Climate Editor from Thomson Reuters Foundation, Denia Aulia Syam, ACCCRN Network Regional Manager, and Farraz Theda, ACCCRN Member Relations Coordinator.

The finalists are:

  1. Mother Nature’s Warmer Hug by Artem Paul Valentine Carbon, Philippines
  2. Building Capacity for Urban Adaptation by Aadesh Subedi, Nepal
  3. Our City Builder: The Ignored Group from Climate Adaptation by Ellen Septiane, Indonesia
  4. Climate Apocalypse in Pakistan, Sooner the Better by Muhammad Arshed Rafiq, Pakistan
  5. Could it be Like this, Ever? by Alka Bharat, India
  6. How Urban Forests can Help Cities Cope with a Warming World by Fiona Broom, United Kingdom
  7. Food Afloat by Tallulah D’Silva, India
  8. River of Ash by Lev Horodyskyj, United States
  9. Past Forward, Future Perfect by Meesha Tandon, India
  10. Tour de “Sendang” by Retno Manuhoro, Indonesia

Congratulations and looking forward to meeting you in Indonesia.

All finalists will be contacted through email.

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