Beat the Heat
Nyoman Prayoga
Flood Resilience Program Manager
May 4, 2017 . 0 min read
Duration : 0 | Views : 0 | CDKN | May, 2017

CDKN launches a new film, produced by TERI, that tells the story of how heat action plans are saving lives and reducing ill health in India’s cities.

The film follows a project supported by CDKN and led by the Indian Meteorological Department, Indian Institute of Public Health and Natural Resources Defence Council and others ; it traces the journey from Ahmedabad, where the approach to heat action planning started, to show the heartening results and the spread of these approaches to other Indian cities.

To find out even more about this project: Deepening and expanding heat health action in India.

This video is originally published by CDKN Global.

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