This is an executive summary produced by students of Urban and Regional Planning Department of Diponegoro University, as part of Planning Studio product in 2016.

This paper summarized the planning studio result that elaborate regional development strategies with the concept of inclusive and cllimate change resilience in Tuntang Raya District in Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. The issues related to climate change resilience in Tuntang Raya is food security. Food security is the fulfillment of the conditions up to individual countries, which is reflected in the availability of adequate food, both in quantity and quality, safe, diverse, nutritious, equitable, and affordable and doesn’t conflict with religious beliefs and culture, to be able to live healthy, active, and productive in a sustainable manner. Tuntang Raya is facing drought issue in its agricultural area, crop failure, and sedimentation on its one of the main resource for water irrigation.

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