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Road To Resilience: Volume II: Audio Abstract
Nyoman Prayoga
Flood Resilience Program Manager
March 1, 2017 . 0 min read
0 | Acclimatise

Listen to this podcast from Acclimatise and learn about Taru Leading Edge's latest book release: The Road to Resilience Volume II. The book provides practical solutions to the resilience challenges faced by India's cities. Here, book author and Taru Chairman, GK Bhat provides an introduction to the book's main themes.

This very question is examined in a new book,“Road to Resilience: Synergy for Sustainable Cities”, published by TARU Leading Edge. The book sets out practical solutions for creating a new paradigm for cities we would like to live in: cities that are sustainable and resilient.

Read the Road to Resilience Synergy for Sustainable Cities book here.

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