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January, 2011
Author: Marcus Moench, Stephen Tyler, Jessica Lage
Catalyzing Urban Climate Resilience" describes how ten cities within the Rockefeller Foundation supported Asian Cities Climate Change Resilient Network (ACCCRN) assess climate vulnerability and apply emerging concepts of urban resilience. The ACCCRN experience offers an innovative framework...
August, 2010
Author: Can Tho City People's Committee
This report summarizes the Climate Change Resilience Action Plan of Can Tho City for the period 2010-2015, prepared by the Can Tho Climate Change Steering Committee and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (DONRE) under the Can Tho People's Committee. This Plan is designed...
January, 2009
Author: Can Tho University
This report details the Hazard, Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment conducted in Can Tho City. This is a participatory process engaging all levels of the city, focusing on the needs of highly vulnerable communities. The activity was coordinated and facilitated by CtC in collaboration with key...