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September, 2017
This presentation was delivered by Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajsekar at the webinar entitled “City under Rising Temperature” on 8 September 2017. He explores technology options to improve thermal comfort options for low rise high density urban development. Implementation of the projects...
June, 2016
Author: Vikas Desai
Global temperature rise has already started shooting its local effects. India witnessed highest temperature records since 2010 and noticeable increase from 2014-2016.  In case of coastal cities like Surat, not only heat but humidity too plays a vital role. Well-being of citizens as well as...
April, 2016
Author: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Climate change is leading to an increase in average temperatures and increased possibilities of severe heat waves. Extreme heat can lead to dangerous, even deadly, health consequences, including heat stress and heatstroke. The city of Ahmedabad had a major heat wave in May 2010, which led to 1...
February, 2016
Author: COHED Center
The COHED Center published a flip chart in bilingual (English and Vietnamese) with graphics on Heat Stress Prevention for Workers Working in High Temperature Environment. The flip chart can be used for key communications with factory and enterprise workers. 
February, 2016
Author: COHED Center
Vietnam is a country being affected by increasingly severe climate change. This is particularly evident in the increase in average temperature and heat waves, which have increased both in intensity and maximum temperature.In assessing the need for action to reduce the thermal impact on workers...
February, 2016
Author: Sarah Opitz-Stapleton
This study confirmed that temperatures have increased in the past few decades and that climate change will lead to more heat waves, a longer hot season, and stressful working temperatures in the future for Da Nang. The number of very hot days in which the heat index exceeds 34°C, the...
February, 2016
Author: COHED
In the context of climate change occurring and causing numerous effects all over the world, the related increase in temperature is impacting people’s livelihood and also production activities. Workers in big cities, especially workers at construction sites and trade villages are considered...