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April, 2018
From 2010 to 2015, the CanTho’s PC has issued the first phase of the action plan to adapt to CC.The main objective is to study and realize in practice what CC in Can Tho city is; and, based on the result of this study, combined with the socio-economic status and the wishes of the local...
April, 2018
The Mekong Delta (MKD), in which Can Tho City is located, occupies a low-lying region in the center of South Hau River (Bassac River). The MKD is predicted to be one of the three most vulnerable deltas in the world caused by climate change. Seasonal flooding is a typical natural...
May, 2016
Author: ISET-International, CCCO Can Tho
Can Tho is a growing city of about one million people, approximately half of whom live in the city’s peripheral rural districts. Rapid land conversion and population increase in peri-urban areas just outside the highdensity urban core means that new residents are moving into areas that...
May, 2016
Author: ISET-International, CCCO Can Tho
Can Tho is situated in the centre of the Mekong Delta, with a population of approximately 1 million people. An Binh ward, a densely-populated middle to lower income residential area in the central Can Tho district of Ninh Kieu, has 10 local canals with a total length of approximately 10 km. About...
January, 2016
Author: Phong Tran, Stephen Tyler, Nguyễn Ngọc Huy, Sở La Sen, Lê Hồng Y
The two water supply agencies in Can Tho City, Vietnam have contradictory interests when it comes to providing clean water to peri-urban residents. This impedes the provision of high quality treated water and makes water supply more costly. Despite the surplus capacity in the treated water...
December, 2015
Author: Nguyen Ngoc Huy, Tran Van Giai Phong , Stephen Tyler
The lack of a secure and clean potable water supply in peri-urban areas is a major source of vulnerability for poor residents on the periphery of rapidly expanding cities in South East Asia. Climate change will increase the demand for clean drinking water, while adversely affecting supply and...
January, 2014
Author: Sarah Reed
The Case Study of Can Tho city provides brief summary and lesson learned of projects implementing in Can Tho city, Vietnam under ACCCRN program, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. This collection of case studies includes 04 projects: Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO); Participatory...
April, 2013
Author: ISET- International
ISET Case Study: Climate Change Coordination Office
January, 2013
Author: Richard Friend, Sarah Reed, Pakamas Thinphanga, Jim Jarvie, Justin Henceroth, S. Janprasart, R. Sutarto, P. Tran, T. Nghiem, H. Nguyen, D. Singh
Urbanization and climate change represent fundamental transformation. Climate change means that climate conditions, including natural hazards, are increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, while urban growth, especially in many parts of the developing world, means that more people are living in...
January, 2011
Author: Marcus Moench, Stephen Tyler, Jessica Lage
Catalyzing Urban Climate Resilience" describes how ten cities within the Rockefeller Foundation supported Asian Cities Climate Change Resilient Network (ACCCRN) assess climate vulnerability and apply emerging concepts of urban resilience. The ACCCRN experience offers an innovative framework...