Since 2009, Mercy Corps Indonesia has executed Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network programmes with the funding support from the Rockefeller Foundation. The programme which is carried out in 10 cities in Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Indonesia have grown into more than 50 cities in 6 countries. In Indonesia itself, the ACCCRN programme aims at promoting the awareness towards climate change issues and encouraging any development and planning to consider this issue well.

Initiated in the two cities in Indonesia – Semarang and Bandar Lampung – the ACCCRN programme took the existing lesson in its attempt to build resilience towards climate change in 6 other cities such as Cirebon, Blitar, Palembang, Pekalongan, Probolinggo, and Tarakan. ACCCRN also supported other nine cities to prepare the resilience plans towards climate change.

Mercy Corps Indonesia realised that certain community groups are susceptible to areas which are prone to disasters and therefore likely to suffer from the climate change effects such as floods, clean water crisis, infrastructure damage, spread of diseases, until other impacts in economy, energy, and food supply. Therefore, Mercy Corps Indonesia worked with other partners in urban level to take actions based on
the climate change risks that a city faces. Furthermore, Mercy Corps Indonesia also realizes the importance of policies and coordination on national level in its relation to climate change that ACCCRN also collaborated with the national government to support the adaptation and climate change mitigation attempts.

Even though the ACCCRN programme had ended in 2016, there remains a lot of things to do together to prepare the Indonesian people to be more resilient and responsive in coping with the climate change effects. The whole learning process for 7 years of ACCCRN journey is expressed in this book so it will inspire a lot of people and parties to keep encouraging the adaptation and climate change mitigation attempts in Indonesia.

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