The Finance Division brings out the maiden report that reflects climate expenditures of six ministries

The Finance Division of the Government of Bangaldesh has published a report on ‘Climate Protection and Development: Budget Report, 2017-18’ reflecting climate expenditures of six ministries. The report is supported by a project titled Inclusive Budgeting and Financing for Climate Resilience (IBFCR) being implemented by the Finance Division with technical and financial support from UNDP and DFID.

"This publication is the maiden venture to bring to the fore budgetary analysis of six selected large spending ministries showing climate expenditure under different thematic areas of BCCSAP. The analytical framework presented in this report will surely serve as an important basis for undertaking comparative analyses and taking decisions over climate change expenditures," as shared by Mr Hedayetullah Al Mamoon, Senior Secretary, Finance Division, Ministry of Finance. 

''It is expected that this report will generate keen interest both locally and globally. Undoubtedly, that would help to make both the process and the resultant outcomes effective in reducing the vulnerability of the population and in turn strengthen them to contribute even better towards building a more prosperous, happy, healthy and resilient Bangladesh'' as expressed by the UNDP Country Director.

Download the report here 



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