Inspired by the submissions so far and the continued strong interest in the competition, we are excited to announce that we are accepting stories to ACCCRN Storytelling Competition until Saturday, 7 October 2017, a one-week extension of our initial deadline. We want to provide more opportunity to our members to join the competition and we understand that there are still a lot of stories that our members want to share.

Shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend Urban Heat Resilience Storytelling Workshop organized by Mercy Corps Indonesia and TRF from 27-30 November 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The winner will receive an iPad and the runner up will receive a mirrorless camera. 

As we near our submission deadline, we hope you’ll join us in this effort to create resilience city in Asia.


Check out these resources on how to create a story from your project:

Should you have any inquiries regarding the competition, please contact [email protected].


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