Between February and early March, we were sifting through the many impressive submissions for the 2017 ACCCRN Photo Essay Competition. As you may recall, we encouraged ACCCRN members, practitioners, and photographers who are based in Asia, and who are interested in photography, to submit their great photos to our competition. 
Will Bugler, a Senior Consultant and Communications Lead at Acclimatise, and the ACCCRN Network team, reviewed each submission and selected the 2017 ACCCRN Photo Competition Winner.

On the 20th March to 24th March 2017, ACCCRN members voted for three shortlisted photo essays for the People’s Choice Winner. 

Here are the results:

The 2017 ACCCRN Photo Essay Competition Winner
Metamorpolis by Tim Franco, South Korea.

The People's Choice Winner
Underdog Resilience by Sarath Kuttikkatuparambil Thilakan, India.

The Finalists
Breathing in a Jungle of Concrete by Naeema Jihan Zinia, Bangladesh.
Rooftop Organic Farming by Sudipto Das, India.


Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition. We were truly astonished by the tremendous number of great photos on urban areas and their interaction with ecosystems that were displayed through pictures and stories.


By submitting photos to ACCCRN, photographers have assigned ACCCRN the right to use the photos in any publication in which they appear. ACCCRN will not use the picture for any commercial purpose and will credit the owner through citation or other means as a matter of courtesy.

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