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The peri-urban space: Why it matters?

Takeaways Author: Nivedita Mani

Climate change impacts exacerbate this already precarious balance. Floods, rising temperatures, droughts, water scarcity - all these events adversely affect urban areas. The peri-urban space, therefore, becomes more valuable as it can provide a buffering capacity to the cities and also strengthen their resilience capacities.

Climate Change Week 2016: Leadership and innovation for a climate resilient Indonesia

Takeaways Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa, Will Bugler

This article shares some of the challenges that participants of Climate Change Week 2016 encountered during their work, and highlights the solutions that were identified to overcome them. Touching on the themes of ‘leadership’, ‘community innovation’ and ‘knowledge management’ it provides useful lessons for climate resilience practitioners in Indonesia and beyond.