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How to build resilience and reduce losses and damages in the cities

Opinion Author: Nimish Jha

India has been ranked third among the top five most disaster-hit countries in 2015. With this year also recorded as the hottest year on record, according to a study by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

Fast growing cities are most often located in contexts that are specifically exposed to the threats and are vulnerable to impacts of climate change.

As climate change threatens transport, Indonesia needs to plan ahead

Opinion Author: Ratna Kusumaningrum

Climate change’s impact on transport can be felt in many respects, from infrastructure itself to less-tangible aspects such as public transportation management and logistics. Flooding and heavy rain will affect roads, and when roads decline, getting people and products where they need to be takes more time, and could make market prices rise.

Women need a big role in building resilience to climate change

Opinion Author: Tasfia Tasnim

Climate policy is not about technologies; rather it’s about people. If climate change policy is about ensuring a sustainable future by combining development and environmental issues, it must take into account the interests of all involved: both women and men. It will only be effective if people, their gender roles and traditional tasks in society are taken into account.

Introducing "vulnerability" to vulnerable people

Opinion Author: Srishti Singh

While climate change and its associated problems are gaining wider attention globally, the concept of vulnerability remains alien to those most at risk: the communities themselves. The most critical challenge is to transfer the science of climate vagaries to those whose resilience is at risk, particularly with limited access to climate information and information about potential risks.

For climate migrants, dignity matters as much as safety

Opinion Author: Hari Krishnaa Nibanupudi

Debates on the urban environment, urban landscapes and urban resilience should be more knowledgeable and more sensitive to the dignity of climate migrants. Since the need for dignity is not articulated by migrants and new settlers, urban management institutions and resilience professionals should be trained and oriented to be able understand and respond to the perspectives of migrants.