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Adaptation to climate change: how well is Dhaka doing?

Opinion Author: Malcolm Araos

A recent article by researchers working at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development in the Tribune explained the challenges Dhaka will face due to climate change. The city has a population of over 18 million residents and continues to grow at an explosive 6.9% yearly rate. Climatic pressures are a major driver of Dhaka’s population growth as rural inhabitants come to the city after facing cyclones or riverbank erosion in the coastal regions.

Building water security

Opinion Author:

Cities are facing a scarcity of water that is affecting millions of their inhabitants. The process of climate change will exacerbate this as it expands the number of drought periods over the years. Then there are other factors like the overdrawing of groundwater, increasing salination of water supplies, and deterioration in the quality of water, which are putting huge stress on already over-burdened water services. Most importantly, the issue of water security is emerging gradually due to the lack of adaptive strategies in the face of climate change.

Climate change resilience under stress

Opinion Author: Jim Jarvie

An advisory released this August by the US National Weather Service warned this year’s El Niño could be  among the strongest ever recorded, lasting well into the first few months of 2016. Facing an El Niño of this scale, urbanised regions risk exposure to pollution from lit forests and plantations, droughts and overexploitation of freshwater resources, environmental degradation and heat waves.

Thailand drought 2015: climate change impacts real

Opinion Author: Porpla Khuan-arch

Aside from the economic crisis, the news in Thailand has been dominated by reports of this year’s drought. Drought is common, but this cycle is particularly bad. The most recent severe drought happened almost 20 years ago during El Niño, the phenomenon caused by shifts in Pacific trade winds and ocean temperatures. El Niño is back this year; its full force is still to be felt and has the potential to be strong and last until next March.

Hot town: Summer in the city

Opinion Author: Bob Khosa

Just over a year ago Delhi was in the grips of an unbearable heatwave. It’s citizens experienced ten continuous days of relentless heat.  Record-breaking temperatures peaked at over 47˚C with little relief overnight as temperatures sustained at an average of nearly 29˚C. That year power supplies failed to keep up with cooling demand and there were reports of social unrest in the north of India as substations were set on fire and power workers held hostage.