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Reflection from Bonn, en route to the action-oriented COP 22 in Marrakech

Takeaways Author: Denia Syam

A few months after COP 21, the Parties gathered in Bonn in what were the first climate talks since Paris. The Bonn climate talks were the place to prove whether we could maintain the spirit of collaboration and compromise, which successfully laid an essential foundation for the complex yet delicately crafted balance of the historical landmark that the Paris Agreement represented.

ACCCRN Learning Forum concludes with sights firmly set on the future of resilience

Takeaways Author: Nicholas Taylor, Surasak Glahan

During this third and final day of the forum both speakers and participants focused on prospective thinking. On one hand the forum looked at how ACCCRN as a network will develop, as well as how it might shape or influence other Rockefeller Foundation work; on the other, representatives of younger Rockefeller Foundation efforts shared updates and emerging insights.

Big insights from ACCCRN Learning Forum

Takeaways Author: Nicholas Taylor, Surasak Glahan

At the end of the day of the second day of ACCCRN Learning Forum, Luca Allinovi from the Global Resilience Partnership and Jim Jarvie highlighted key findings.

Jim captured key highlights including the need for a top-down approach and government buy-ins in order to change policy. He pinpointed that building resilience is not a win-win solution but it is a win-lose solution. He also shared that an explicitly pro-poor approach was necessary to complementing community-based solutions.

TED Talks, short inspiring speeches by some of the ACCCRN program’s champions

Takeaways Author: Nicholas Taylor

During a set of “TED talks”, or short inspiring speeches by some of the ACCCRN program’s champions, 10 different speakers shared their stories of urban resilience. In one room a series of programmatic stories about urban resilience were explored, on the other, stories of multi-stakeholder engagement were shared.