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Global politics of 1.5 to stay alive

Opinion Author: Shaila Mahmud

The article gives a brief overview of the present day climate change induced phenomenon with a background on how 1.5 limit has made it to the global climate negotiations. The article also discusses the impediments in achieving the goals in context to the over-ambitiousness of the goal and the recent withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement.

How half a degree will impact the future?

Opinion Author: Shaila Mahmud

The Paris Climate Conference last December, set the highly ambitious and universal long-term global goal to keep warming not just “well below 2 degree Celsius” but also “to pursue efforts” to limit the average world temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial (late 19th century) levels. This raises the critical question: How dramatic will the impacts be for an additional half degree rise? And, who will face the consequences?