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Ari Mochamad: Law is a powerful agent of change

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

“The more you get to know about climate change the more complex the challenges become,” says Ari Mochamad (or Ari Moch. Arif as he is known)

“Working on urban resilience is hard because you see the city through the lens of these challenges."

Ari was born and brought up in Bandung, Indonesia. The capital of West Java province, Bandung is Indonesia’s third city, with a population of nearly 7 million in the wider metropolitan area.

“Bandung is a beautiful city,” says Ari.

COP 22 week 1 roundup: What happened with regards to adaptation and resilience?

Takeaways Author: Will Bugler

The goal of COP 22 is to to consolidate the gains made in Paris and begin to prepare a strategy for implementing the targets agreed to in Paris last year. So how did the first week of negotiations unfold? And what were the developments when it came to key issues that affect climate change adaptation and resilience?

ACCCRN Champion: Sunandan Tiwari, Delhi, India

ACCCRN Champion Author: Will Bugler

Sunandan went on to study for a Master’s degree in Ecology from Salim Ali School of Ecology at Pondicherry University. He has applied his knowledge of ecology and development to a wide range of sectors including, water resource management, sanitation, forestry, renewable energy, environmental services and of course, climate change adaptation.