University - Youth Program

ACCCRN University - Youth Program aims to bring the concept of inclusive urban climate change resilience (UCCR) to students, especially in university. We wanted to see how UCCR concept can be applied in many contexts and in course content throughout the learning process. From this, it is hoped that the students will interpret the concept of inclusive urban resilience from their perspective and fit it into their study or professional career in the future.

Through the collaboration, our objectives are: a) Students understand the concept of inclusive UCCR in their major context; b) Students understand the application of inclusive UCCR to their field of study and how it contributes in building resilience; c) To have case studies/prototypes that are relevant to the major context that integrates the inclusive resilience concept that can be shared regionally through the ACCCRN network.

For further information or proposal submission, please contact: info[at]