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Webinar: Are India’s cities on the road to resilience?

Author: Acclimatise

Overcoming challenges and providing options to build urban resilience

India is in the midst of a ‘smart cities’ revolution. The ‘Smart Cities Mission’, a government-backed programme of urban renewal, is intended to make the country’s cities more liveable and sustainable. But how can this be achieved when the cities are facing a series of complex and interconnected challenges such as, explosive population growth, inadequate infrastructure, persistent poverty and climate change?

Heat Stress Webinar

Author: Lisa Buggy

Climate change induced temperature rise and increasingly frequent heat waves can lead to adverse impacts, such as reducing workers’ health and productivity and even occupational accidents. The Center for Community Health and Development (COHED) has been working on Protecting Urban Livelihoods from Climate Change - Building Heat Stress Resilience Amongst Da Nang’s Most Vulnerable Workers.

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