ACCCRN Learning

Visiting flood early warning system (FEWS) and dengue fever prevention programs

Author: Arfiana Khairunnisa

At the end of the day, the participants of ACCCRN Learning Forum joined the site visit to the Semarang ACCCRN Programs. One group went to visit the Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) project in Wonosari Sub-district. The other group went to the program called Actions Changing The Incidence Vector Borne Endemic Disease (ACTIVE) for dengue fever prevention.

ACCCRN Learning Forum concludes with sights firmly set on the future of resilience

Author: Nicholas Taylor, Surasak Glahan

During this third and final day of the forum both speakers and participants focused on prospective thinking. On one hand the forum looked at how ACCCRN as a network will develop, as well as how it might shape or influence other Rockefeller Foundation work; on the other, representatives of younger Rockefeller Foundation efforts shared updates and emerging insights.

Mercy Corps Indonesia together with Semarang City Government engage the community to build health resilience towards dengue fever under the impact of climate change

Author: Nyoman Prayoga

Being a member of staff at the Semarang Health Agency does not make Dani Miarso resistant to dengue fever. In the past, his son contracted severe Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and he experienced a great loss of time and money taking care of his son in the hospital.