Subproject 2 (SP2) will support a range of activities that generate and disseminate evidence and experience-based knowledge related to UCCR based primarily on UCCRTF supported interventions. SP2 will support knowledge inputs to enhance the quality of existing and proposed UCCRTF interventions, but will also use a learning-based approach to monitoring & evaluation (M&E) that will enable supported projects to become generators of knowledge in the new and emerging field of resilience. 

SP2 will primarily cover the countries that are eligible for UCCRTF support and will focus on activities related to knowledge capture and resilience measurement in the cities where UCCRTF is also supporting urban planning processes or investment grants. The knowledge that emerges from ongoing work in UCCRTF supported countries and cities will be shared internally within ADB and externally with targeted audiences in order to scale up best practices for building urban resilience. 

The main objective of SP2 is to contribute to the overall effectiveness of UCCRTF to ensure that cities in selected DMCs, specially the poor and vulnerable residents, are more resilient to the direct and indirect impacts of climate change. This will be achieved through capacity development, knowledge sharing and training activities for targeted audiences. Monitoring and evaluation activities will be closely linked with the training activities to ensure that lessons emerging from the ground are translated into learning opportunities for UCCRTF cities. 

Expertise position:

  1. Urban Planning and Climate Change Resilience Expert/Team Leader, Manila, Philippines
  2. Climate Change Economist, Regional
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Expert, Regional
  4. Capacity Development Expert, Regional
  5. Communications Specialist, Regional

Activities shall include, among others, identifying key UCCR knowledge gaps, developing a mechanism for capturing knowledge from UCCRTF supported activities to be shared internally within ADB and among financing partners, and externally to wider stakeholder groups; establishment of a repository for UCCRTF knowledge that is accessible to all target audiences; identifying relevant professional/city networks for peer learning; determining the appropriate formats for disseminating knowledge to the different target audiences in a manner that is relevant for their use; and developing the monitoring regime for reporting on UCCRTF activities. 

Deadline of Submitting EOI: 19-Nov-2016 11:59 PM (Manila local time). Further information please go to this link

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