Webinar: Are India’s cities on the road to resilience?

Author: Acclimatise

Overcoming challenges and providing options to build urban resilience

India is in the midst of a ‘smart cities’ revolution. The ‘Smart Cities Mission’, a government-backed programme of urban renewal, is intended to make the country’s cities more liveable and sustainable. But how can this be achieved when the cities are facing a series of complex and interconnected challenges such as, explosive population growth, inadequate infrastructure, persistent poverty and climate change?

Encouraging students to factor climate change resilience into urban planning

Author: Nyoman Prayoga, Wiwandari Handayani

Following classroom lectures and field observation activities, students at the Urban and Regional Planning Department, Diponegoro University, finished their Planning Studio final assignment in December 2016. As part of the Youth Program, ACCCRN visited the final presentation session and joined the discussion with all students and lecturers.

ACCCRN and Diponegoro University bring the concepts of inclusivity and resilience to the students

Author: Nyoman Prayoga

ACCCRN and Diponegoro University are collaborating to bring the concept of inclusive urban climate change resilience to its campus. It is interesting to see how this concept can be applied to urban planning, especially form the perspective of those who will be the occupants of a city in the future. It is also possible to assume that the planning will also consider another value such as interconnectivity with related areas (beyond a city’s boundary).

ACCCRN members sharing experiences at the ICRD 2016, Semarang Indonesia

Author: Nyoman Prayoga

The 3rd International Conference on Regional Development (ICRD) “Enhancing Resilience: Bridging Knowledge and Policy for Cities and Regions” was successfully held on 9 – 11th November 2016 in Semarang, Indonesia. The conference was hosted by Initiatives for Regional Development and Environmental Management (IRDEM) in cooperation with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University.