ACCCRN 2017 Photo Essay Competition: "Urban Interaction with Ecosystem Services"

Author: ACCCRN Network

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Photo Essay Entry Procedures and Regulations

The 2017 ACCCRN Photo Essay Competition is seeking great pictures on urban climate change resilience issues from photographers, practitioners, and those working on climate change in Asia and based in Asia. We want to promote understanding of urban resilience by creating opportunities for people to share their experiences or concern from their perspectives. 

The competition’s goal is to showcase stories about resilience issues in the field through a series of still images. The selection committee and jury will be seeking a sequence of images that conveys a compelling story or message. Each image should be strong enough to stand on its own while conveying a greater narrative when viewed in the photographer’s desired sequence. It is important that the story-teller think about what they want to say and how one photograph links to the next or to each other.

The competition format is the photo essay. A photo essay is a set or series of photographs that is intended to tell the viewer a story. The photos can be sequential in a particular order or non-ordered photographs which may be viewed all at once to reveal the whole story. The photographers also should be able to write clear narrative on each photo so that the viewer can understand the story and get the intended message.

We invite photographers to submit photo essays to share their stories related to urban interaction with ecosystem services towards urban resilience. Each essay submitted should consist of three to five images. Those images should link from one to the other to build the story. Unnecessary images may reduce the overall impact of the submission. We would like to see you to share your story on:

Urban Interaction with Ecosystem Services

We would like to see how the relation of ecosystem services and urban resilience is captured through pictures. The pictures are expected to show the impacts of climate and other environmental changes along the impact of urban dynamics, growth and/or decline-driven land use change, human intervention, etc. The story may explain how urban activities impact on an ecosystem, and vice versa. The photos may explain how ecosystem services such as mangroves, city forests, water natural resources, for example, contribute to urban resilience. The story may focus on:

  • water related risk in urban/urbanizing context, but not limited to, flooding, salination of fresh water supply, water security and access, drought, sea level rise, and conservation of green space through restriction of damaging land use change patterns;
  • the interaction and impact of cities in their surrounding landscapes, including  watersheds, coastal area and peri-urban regions;
  • how upstream and downstream water management practices can increase resilience;
  • how poor and vulnerable communities become part of an ecosystem-based approach in development;
  • etc.

Eligibility and Entry Details

  • Must be an ACCCRN Network members (register here).
  • The competition is open to amateur and professional photographers.
  • Photo content must be appropriate to the theme and respect the principle of ‘do no harm’ regarding the subjects photographed.
  • Each photo essay submitted is to consist of three (minimum) to five (maximum) images.
  • We suggest that only those images required to tell the story are included in the submission. Unnecessary images may reduce the overall impact of the photo essay.
  • The photos must be yours. Do not use other people’s photos or plagiarize.
  • Entries will be judged on the basis of effectiveness in conveying the story through the narrative composition, technique, content, and originality of well-edited images.
  • By submitting photos to ACCCRN, photographers are assigning ACCCRN the right to use the photos in any publication in which they appear. ACCCRN will not use the picture for any commercial purpose and will credit the owner through citation or other means as a matter of courtesy.

Submission Method and Guidelines

  • Photos should be submitted through the ACCCRN.NET website.
  • Please make sure you are certain your photo selections. Once you upload your photos, you cannot change or edit your submission.
  • Photos must be high-resolution (photos below 1200 x 1600 pixels will not be accepted) – only digital images will be accepted.
  • JPG image files must be no larger than 5MB each.
  • No watermarking or digital frames or borders.
  • Members are allowed to submit maximum 2 different entries.
  • The photographer’s name, captions or text should be provided in the online entry form document file (template provided) – and entries must be in English.
  • Each digital image file name must follow this format:



The Prizes

Entries will be judged by the ACCCRN Network team and Will Bugler from the Acclimatise, and there will be an opportunity to vote for a People’s Choice Winner.

The top prize winner and the people’s choice winner will win a trip for a photography expedition from ACCCRN. We will escort the winners on a cross-learning opportunity by visiting one of countries in Asia (details to be announced soon). ACCCRN will ask the winners to share all relevant pictures related to UCCR issues produced during the photography expedition and will credit the owner if or when used in the future.

The winners' pictures and essays will also be displayed on the ACCCRN and Acclimatise website.


Announcement: 27 January 2017
Photo submission: 27 January 2017 – 5 March 2017
Judging: 6 – 17 March 2017
Shortlist announcement and voting period for People’s Choice Winner: 20 – 24 March 2017
Announcement of the Winner: 27 March 2017
Trip: May 2017

Further information, send email to: